Commercial Protests

Running a successful business demands your complete focus, not time wasted on your property tax protest. Reducing your tax burden can save hundreds of thousands of dollars, cutting your operating costs and increasing profits. CPT fights to get you the lowest possible taxable value for your commercial property to keep you from overpaying.

Commercial Tax Services

  • Income and cost analysis Income and Cost Analysis
  • Sales and Market analysis Sales and Market Analysis
  • Equal and Uniform Equal and Uniform Analysis
  • GIS Mapping Technology
  • Arbitration and Litigation Support

Residential Protests

Whether it’s your primary residence, vacation house, or investment property, we can help lower your tax burden. We offer the convenience and expertise of taking care of the whole protest process for you. We work on a contingency basis, meaning no flat fees or upfront costs. You pay us nothing unless we save you money.

Residential Tax Services

  • Sales and Market analysis Sales and Market Analysis
  • Equal and Uniform Equal and Uniform Analysis
  • Specialized Valuation Reports
  • GIS Mapping Technology
Retail Property Tax Protest
Offices Commercial Tax Protest
Apartments Tax Protest
Protest tax protest for Industrial buildings
Houses and Residential Property Tax Protest
Investment or residential condos property tax protest

2023 Tax Protest Results Samples

The following tax protest results demonstrate our ability to construct a compelling argument in reducing tax values for all property types.*

Property Type City Notice Value
(before Appeal)
Final Value
(after Appeal)
Reduction % Est. Tax Savings
RETAIL DENTON, TX $16,159,236 $8,300,000 49% $166,838
RETAIL FLOWER MOUND, TX $11,978,071 $9,000,000 25% $50,832
RETAIL FLOWER MOUND, TX $7,838,557 $5,436,000 31% $44,672
RETAIL FORT WORTH, TX $1,773,444 $1,150,000 35% $14,726
RETAIL LITTLE ELM, TX $2,471,064 $1,800,000 27% $15,168
OFFICE DENTON, TX $15,020,317 $7,048,000 53% $169,238
OFFICE DENTON, TX $6,861,540 $4,760,000 31% $39,880
OFFICE DENTON, TX $5,318,865 $2,500,000 53% $59,840
OFFICE HICKORY CREEK, TX $2,693,382 $1,825,000 32% $14,419
FLEX CORINTH, TX $9,251,239 $5,400,000 42% $80,959
FLEX DENTON, TX $9,438,544 $3,950,000 58% $116,512
FLEX LEWISVILLE, TX $4,074,386 $1,560,000 62% $47,714
FLEX LEWISVILLE, TX $5,177,920 $3,280,000 37% $36,016
INDUSTRIAL KRUM, TX $6,270,687 $2,475,000 61% $62,061
INDUSTRIAL DENTON, TX $5,429,958 $2,296,000 58% $66,528
INDUSTRIAL HIGHLAND VILLAGE, TX $2,134,270 $1,147,000 46% $18,357
SELF-STORAGE ARGYLE, TX $5,206,367 $1,360,000 74% $63,676
SELF-STORAGE DENTON, TX $5,879,800 $1,680,000 71% $81,200
SELF-STORAGE PILOT POINT, TX $4,565,726 $1,225,000 73% $40,615
MULTI-FAMILY DALLAS, TX $5,175,000 $2,481,240 52% $61,816
MULTI-FAMILY DENTON, TX $2,811,600 $1,714,000 39% $23,300
MULTI-FAMILY DALLAS, TX $2,940,000 $1,797,000 39% $28,694
MULTI-FAMILY IRVING, TX $2,569,720 $1,923,000 25% $14,979
VACANT LAND FLOWER MOUND, TX $6,501,591 $4,300,000 34% $37,579
VACANT LAND ARGYLE, TX $2,181,686 $1,103,620 49% $15,405
VACANT LAND PILOT POINT, TX $2,671,966 $2,179,879 18% $5,983
RESIDENTIAL FRISCO, TX $4,692,177 $4,217,858 10% $8,017
RESIDENTIAL ARGYLE, TX $2,915,041 $2,477,000 15% $7,348
* Past results are not a guarantee of future performance.
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  • Your property tax appraisal is based on mass appraisal techniques. Your property’s valuation may not have been assessed individually by the appraisal district due to lack of manpower or time.
  • The property tax value is not adjusted for current economic conditions. Appraisal districts are quick to increase property valuations when the economy is booming but reluctant to reduce when the opposite happens.
  • Your property tax value is higher than other similar comparables in your area. Property values should be equal and uniform with other similar properties. When discrepancies occur, it creates unfair property taxation.
  • The District does not have enough proof for appraisal of your property. Texas law prohibits increasing the appraisal value for the following tax year if the chief appraiser cannot present substantial evidence for the increase or inequality in tax.

CPT Tax Protest Advantages

  • Data-driven Property Tax Valuations
  • Aggressive Appeal Strategies
  • Innovative Analysis Tools
  • Experienced Support & Representation
  • Binding Terms for Data Security, Privacy, and Confidentiality
  • Valuable Support when pursuing Arbitration and Litigation
We represent thousands of property owners each year during the tax protest season. We understand the local dynamics in the DFW area, which allows us to obtain larger reductions than most property owners who protest on their own or hire a firm with limited experience. If you have questions about tax valuations, protest deadlines, and related topics, check out our FAQ section. Need more help? Contact us here or sign up today.

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    In 2023, we achieved $311m in tax reductions, savings our clients over $6m in property taxes. With a 90% historical success rate, we want to help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

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